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The truth behind Maternity Photography

I am sure many will agree that these 9 months of pregnancy represent a true journey for most women. I have been on this path myself 3 times and none have been any less eventful than the previous one. The changes that women have to go through, mentally and physically don't resemble anything else in life.

It's true that for many the journey can be more difficult than for others, but somehow we manage to do it again later on in life.

I remember having this one friend in during my first pregnancy that has enjoyed her journey sooo much! All the baking and cooking and cleaning, spa trips and Facebook posts showing her glowing and radiant of joy..whilst I spent all that time with my head in the toilet.. all .. the .. time.

The journey is different for all, but for most it has a way of staying in the past. I for one, cannot believe I was pregnant 3 times and often look, alongside my girls, at my pregnancy photos with wonder and surprise.

Photography is usually the art of capturing a moment and giving it the opportunity to last a lifetime. When it comes to Maternity Photography I truly feel it helps encapsulate this journey and your Pregnancy photographs become proof of a time you can no longer remember.

I am truly fond of these sessions, I enjoy sharing the excitement with the future mothers during our sessions and also share some hope and reality regarding the next stage once the babies are here.

Sessions are tailored to be relaxed, fun, I am fun! and for the future mums to have their moment during this journey.

Hair and make up is also available, many beautiful gowns to choose from and myself to guide you through the whole process.

You might feel tired, you might feel you gained too much weight, you might feel you are not important enough to create these memories. Well - YOU ARE! and all issues aside , these will become memories you will look back at all your life! And your children as well.

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