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Choosing your Newborn Photographer

With all honesty the market is now FULL of "award winning" photographers with different packages and ways of running their business. It is tricky to understand the difference between all.

Most people before choosing look at either the packages, of course your budget is important, or follow someone's recommendation.

Recommendations are of course a safe approach to knowing what one could expect from a session. A big number of my session come from recommendations and I am truly grateful for the trust people show in my business.

But if you are not happy with the recommendation ( or don't have any) how can you find a good newborn photographer? The most important aspect to look for is training. Newborn photographers should have training in handling newborn babies. Posing, wrapping and handling babies takes years of experience, practice and training. It also takes years of experience to know how to sooth babies, how to understand their cries, what upsets them and how to make them comfortable, and there's no short cut here.

It took myself years to feel incredibly confident that I can handle any baby, and that also comes as a big part of how the session will take place. Being able to read a baby, understand how sensitive they are too touch, if they have tummy aches, if they don't like their hands being touched etc makes a big difference to how the session will flow and the end result.

Be prepared for your baby NOT to act as they do at their home. But this is not always a bad thing :) Hundreds of clients have told me they have never seen their newborns sleeping so well and worried that I won't be able to take any photos of them. Here is were experience comes in. For first time parents, having a newborn will surely be overwhelming, it certainly was for myself as well! But now, in my case, having 3 children of my own, and after handling hundreds of other babies, I can say I am confident that I can make your baby comfortable :)

Newborns can certainly feel when they are held with confidence, they are held so they are comfortable, and relax especially when wrapped. If you are looking for high quality images, a relaxed baby in a variety of poses, you will need to find a photographer that has been through a significant number of sessions.

If you are in London or Buckinghamshire ( High Wycombe) I look forward in welcoming you at my studio. With my experience, training and calm nature, I am confident to offer a wonderful experience.

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