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A fun way to celebrate a first birthday : Smashing a Cake!

I love birthdays! There's so many ways to celebrate birthdays nowadays but without photographs it would be a challenge to remember all of them. There's nothing like a babies' first birthday. At their age they can get easily overwhelmed, anxious or tired so throwing them a big party isn't always as fun for them.

Cake Smash/ Birthday Photo sessions are fun! Hundreds of children have come to my studio to celebrate their birthdays and I make sure that these are fun! The studio is a space for them to play, explore , we sing songs and dance and all whilst taking photos and smashing a cake! The sessions are run at their own pace, adapting continuously to their needs and likes.

All children are of course, different :) We take as much time as needed at the start of the session to allow the little ones to accommodate and get comfortable in the space.

Parents choose the themes/ set ups of the photo session ( all my packages included 2 different themes) and I have a large selection of ideas to choose from such as Princess/ Prince, Fairy, Mermaid, Jungle Theme, Cowboys , Astronaut , Floral or Fruity themes I am always open for ideas.

My sessions are colourful, full of life and joy, exactly how the little ones are! Now don't get me wrong, most cake smash sessions are done for first birthdays, but there's no age limit to them! They are an amazing fun way of celebrating any age and they make a great fun gift as well!

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