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Images to last a lifetime

Many clients in the past 7 years heard me say " Photography sessions are one of the best investments that you can make". Images grow in emotional value in time, and yes, now we can take photos with our phones and other devices much easier but these don't compete with the true value of a professional photoshoot. Phones break or get stolen, Facebook accounts get hacked and all these snap shots disappear in a second.

A professional photo session carries more weight and clients are inclined to preserve these precious memories in other ways as well, such as printing them or displaying them on wall art that they can display and save for years to come. Quality edited image can offer a much better print quality and thus help further the legacy clients create through their displays.

Our girls love love looking back at all the photos taken professionally of them growing up and in the same time I hold with much care and love the few photos I have of my own mother growing up, who is not with us anymore.

I am very privileged to be able to create so many wonderful memories for my clients in my High Wycombe studio. I seldom feel that I become a small part of a family's journey from Maternity, leading into their first family portraits during the Newborn session and finally when they celebrate their little one's first birthday.

Wonderful, carefully and lovingly created quality images, are worth the investment.

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