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Bump to Baby Package

My favourite photography package by far is my Bump to Baby package. This is not because I get two sessions secured but because it makes the Newborn sessions so much more relaxing and successful.


Seeing soon to be parents at their Maternity Photo session helps us get to know each other and it also creates the best environment for us to discuss the newborn session, my expertise, any advice and decide on a provisional date for the Newborn session. We then look at a date 2-3 weeks after the due date ( which can be amended free of charge if baby comes much earlier or later) to book in the Newborn session. In most cases this works great and the clients don't have to then worry about booking this in once the little one is here and life becomes hectic.

Life with a newborn can be certainly challenging. It was very challenging for myself when I had my first born, very overwhelming and time just flies by. Therefore having that date set in place really takes the pressure off and adds some responsibility to make it happen. I never had clients regretting booking this session in beforehand! It was always met with gratitude once the little one arrived and when they realised that that would have been at the back of their mind and probably would have missed doing it all along.

Once I meet with the clients for the 2nd time for the Baby Photoshoot, the atmosphere is so much more relaxed. We enjoyed discussing the past few days, the birth and how they feel. More relaxed parents, lead to a more relaxed baby :)

An extra bonus is the Photo Album included with the package. I put a lot of heart in editing and creating my images and having them printed professionally in a wonderful album finalises the process. There's a multitude of online printing services which manipulate and alter the quality and colour of the images, thus providing the clients with a reliable quality album also helps preserve the quality I aim for outside of the studio.

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